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Patchwork Tiles

by Rees Tiles in News

patchwork tiles with light and flowersPatchwork is hot, it’s been hot for a while and it’s getting hotter. This is one trend which doesn’t seem to be passing anytime soon. The continent is going crazy for patchwork and the UK is following suit.

So we looked at the popularity of this trend and have found some collections we love that are available in our showrooms. The beauty of patchwork is that it works on floors, on kitchen walls, in bathrooms and as feature panels…it’s such a versatile design. You might be thinking ‘oh patchwork, that’s brave!’ but fear not, we’ve got some in bold designs, and some subtle designs that are part of existing collections, they don’t all have to be wild and in-your-face colours.

FS Melange by Peronda is halfway house between the subtle and bold. The patterns and designs are quite interesting but the colourway is relatively neutral. It’s made up of browns, beiges and whites, but there’s elements of light blues thrown in there too. There is approximately 20+ different designs to this patchwork collection that can be used on both walls or floors. The tiles are actually 45x45cm tiles split into quarters and bear a different design per quarter. When fitted they look like lots of 22.5cm tiles in patchwork format.

patchwork tiles in bathroom settingMainzu are a factory renowned for producing some fantastic patchwork tiles. The particular collections we stock here at RTF are Enzo and Preston. Preston is a monochrome décor patchwork tile from the Bombato. It comes in a 15x15cm size tile which is suitable for use on walls, but there is a corresponding floor tile version in 20x20cm size. Monochrome is a great way to do the patchwork without the bold, bright colours. Preston is quite floral and fancy in terms of design but the clever use of black and white allow for the intricate patterns to seem quite simplistic.

patchwork-tiles-with-chair-and-flowersEnzo, also part of the Bombato collection, however is a colourful and vivid. It is a 15x15cm round bevelled edge tile with a matt finish and looks super funky. The colours are a bright take on pastels and there are about 12 different tiles which, when mixed together, look really eye-catching. These look great used as kitchen tiles or even as a feature wall in with a plain tile.

The final patchwork tile we love here is the Venetto Tindaya which is by Novagres. This is actually a 35x75cm tile which bears the patchwork design and look like each tile is actually 8 individual tiles. This is a more subtle patchwork design as this is a décor of the Venetto collection so it has been designed to blend in with the corresponding plain tile. It comes in two variations; Gris and Arena, and this can be used on walls or floors so super versatile and not too full on.

Patchwork tiles are great to restore a bit of vintage looks to a Victorian property, or any property for that matter. They add a bit of spice and excitement to what could be quite a plain space with the bold designs and bright colours. They’re a great way to create a rug effect on a tiled floor as a central focal point and they are also fab when used as feature panels in kitchens or bathrooms. It’s easy to understand why they’re so popular.

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