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2019 Tile Trends: Marble Effect

by Rees Tiles in News

Lenci Blanco tiles by PamesaMarble effect is still one of the most popular and sought after looks when it comes to bathrooms and flooring. A classy, elegant look that never tires that is massively popular on the continent, what’s not to like? There are so many marble inspired tile collections available right now as it’s a style that all the factories are keen to replicated.

We believe there’s something quite luxurious and noble about marble. Historically used for grand architecture and monuments of importance, marble gives connotations of reliability, strength and beauty. Most importantly, it is timeless. Marble effect blends flawlessly into both traditional and contemporary homes alike.
Large format marble effect tiles, such as ‘The Room’ by Imola and ‘Ice’ by Fanal, are everywhere. These stunning tiles are vast, spacious and seamless, this is the beauty of large format tiles. The increase in popularity for large format is partially to do with a surge in open plan living. Many people wish to create a functional space that the family can all be together in and open plan living ticks that box.
Iceberg tile by FanalEvery year the technology in tile production improves and the quality of digital printing is more realistic than ever. No maintenance is required with marble effect and the difference between is very rarely spotted!
Marble is a form of limestone which contains a variety of minerals such as quartz, iron oxides, graphite and clay minerals. It is these additional minerals that give different kinds of marbles different colours, markings and veining. Factories endeavour to replicate all these varying types of marble, with Carrara marble being one of the most popular. ‘Iceberg’ by Fanal is a heavily patterned, Carrara marble inspired tile. Long in length with a glossy finish, this porcelain tile is chic and crisp, giving a smart, clean cut finish to any room.

If the space you’re renovating isn’t suitable for large format then collections such as ‘Lenci’ and ‘Piave’ by Pamesa are a fantastic alternative. These 30 x 60cm porcelain replications bear all the colourways and traits of natural marble without being easily stained or damaged.


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