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There are all sorts of ancillary products on the marketplace and these are made by a variety of manufacturers. Rees Tiles work hard to ensure that we provide the best of the best to all our customers and have many strong, long lasting relationships with our suppliers, some of which exclusive to us in the location we sell in. Below is some information about the products and suppliers we choose to work with.

Our Products

Decoupling Mats

Decoupling Mats

Decoupling mats are used as an extra precaution to prevent tiles and grout cracking because of movement in the sub floor. Kerakoll’s Irdobuild Tex is very thin so you wouldn’t even notice it was there and it will not cause any kind of step when tiling on top.

DEVI Underfloor Heating Matt

DEVI Underfloor Heating

DEVI Underfloor heating is made by Danfoss who are regarded as Europe’s leading manufacturer of intelligent electrical floor heating systems. This electrical underfloor heating is available in heat mat form or wire, both really easy to lay, and the thermostats are programmable to a variety of times, days and settings.

Kerakoll Fugalite


Kerakoll are considered one of the highest quality producers of adhesives, grouts, silicones and other products. They are Italian and have been producing for nearly 50 years. Their products are eco-friendly and Kerakoll are a ‘Green’ company which we find many customers like, along with the quality and ease of use of the products.



Mosaics are a perfect way to add a bit of colour and personality to a room and we have a large variety of glass, stone, metal and sparkly mosaics so there’s something to suit everyone and every space.

no more ply

No More Ply

No More Ply is a tile backer board used by professional fixers nationwide for over boarding wooden floors and stud walls and is available at Rees Tiles and Flooring.

Tanking Systems

Tanking Systems are a great way to give your bathroom an extra bit of waterproofing in the preparation stage. Kerakoll’s Nanodefense® Eco is blue in colour so you can see where you have applied it for even coverage. There is a waterproofing tape (Aquastop 120) which you use on corners and where two surfaces meet to ensure that every joint is water tight.

Tile Backer Boards_02

Tile Backer Boards

Tile Backer Boards are another alternative used in the preparation process and these are cement coated with a waterproof foam core. They can be cut by hand rather than power tools and allow for more creative structures to be made as they are available in a variety of thicknesses.