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Kerakoll is an Italian ‘Green’ company that specialise in low environmental impact building products. They were established in 1968 in Sassuolo, a province of Modena – the heart of all things ceramic and tile. After a variety of studies over the years, Kerakoll have created a range of products that are designed to protect the environment, the health and wellbeing of people, whist focusing on being an energy efficient company. They produce over 1,700 eco-friendly items and are one of the top manufacturers for green products worldwide.

Rees Tiles have a strong partnership with Kerakoll, supplying environmentally friendly tile products to our customers locally and all over the North West. These products sit perfectly against some of our eco-friendly tiles we also stock. Rees Tiles stock the following adhesives by Kerakoll:

Biogel No Limits Adhesive

  • A white, flexible, standard set, wall and floor adhesive
  • High grab – no need to baton out when tiling!
  • Strong enough for very heavy porcelain tiles as well as ceramic tiles
  • Flexible and suitable for use walls or floors including concrete floors
  • Suitable for underfloor heating, wetrooms and for use indoors and outdoors

Biogel Revolution Adhesive

  • A grey, flexible, rapid set adhesive with an hour long pot life
  • 25kg bag
  • High grab – no need to baton out when tiling!
  • Strong enough for very heavy porcelain tiles as well as ceramic tiles
  • Suitable for use on walls and floors including concrete floors
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and for use indoors and outdoors
Kerakoll Fugalite

Kerakoll Fugalite Grout

Fugalite® Eco Liquid Ceramic Grout is a grout designed to dry just like a ceramic tile and because Fugalite® dries hard, no moisture can ever penetrate into the grout therefore leaving it stain, water and mould resistant. Regular grouts can discolour over time as well as become mouldy – with Fugalite® this will never happen. It can be cleaned just the same way you would clean tiles as it is completely wipe clean, won’t stain or change colour. It is also extremely resistant to chemical aggression making it an ideal grout for all kinds of floors. Fugalite® Eco is the perfect solution for kitchen and hall floors, when food might be spilt and get onto the grout, dirt can be walked in from outside or pets leaving muddy paw prints everywhere. Small children are notorious for accidents and the last thing you want is spaghetti bolognaise staining your grout forever!
Fugalite® Eco is easy to prepare by hand or with a mixer, spreads and fills joints perfectly and can be cleaned immediately with a Fugalite sponge, cleaning products and a cloth. One applied you cannot walk on the grouted area for 24hrs as this will damage or stain the grout.

Benefits of Fugalite® Eco

  • Vitrified grout – meaning it gives a smooth, even grout joint
  • Liquid ceramic creating 100% even uniform colours
  • Fully resistant to water, stains and dirt
  • Bacteriostatic, fungi-static, hygienic and safe

As with all Kerakoll products, Fugalite® has very few chemicals or harmful ingredients, making it a better option for the end user. Fugalite® is available in 4 colour collections giving a total of 30 different colours and allowing unlimited creative potential and original combinations as well as a striking finish. There are also a few special colour options available with Fugalite® Eco too, including extra-fine white (shiny glow), Neutral (reflects the colour of the tile) and Fuga-Glitter (gold or silver glitter added to Fugalite® Eco). Rees Tiles stock a selection of Fugalite® Eco colours but are able to special order other colours if required.

Kerakoll – Other Products

Fugabella® Eco Porcelana Grout

Fugabella® Eco Porcelana 0-5 Grout is a grout that is suitable for the use in a joint width of 0-5mm wide. It is an extra-fine, micro grain finish grout which boasts a scratch-proof surface designed to reflected light. Fugabella® Eco is suitable for internal walls and floors, is naturally bacteriostatic, fungistatic and water repellent. It has low absorption rate so is perfect for bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens. It is very easy to use and doesn’t set to the tiles, meaning you can grout large areas and wash off later.

Rees Tiles stock the following colours: White, Light Grey, Iron Grey, Anthracite, Silver, Pergamon, Limestone and Dove Grey.

Fugabella® Eco Silicone

Fugabella® Eco Silicone matches the colour range of the Fugabella® grout. It is a neutral, anti-mould organic sealant with a high level of elasticity for expansion. Using a silicone that matches the grout can finish off the room perfectly, creating a co-ordinating colour scheme which flows seamlessly.
Rees Tiles stock the following colours: White, Light Grey, Iron Grey, Anthracite, Silver, Pergamon, Limestone and Dove Grey.

Nanodefense® Eco

Nanodefense® Eco is Kerakoll’s waterproof tanking system. It has been designed for use on smooth, compact and absorbent substrates before laying ceramic coverings with adhesives. Nanodefense® Eco is perfect in wetrooms and showers to provide a 100% waterproof membrane, especially when used alongside Aquastop 120, a flexible tanking tape. If the room is ever exposed to moisture then the benefits of a tanking system are very positive. Should you have any leaks then the area behind the tiles will be waterproofed meaning damage will be minimal, and by using Aquastop 120 tape along the joints, you will be giving yourself maximum protection.

Delta Plus® Eco

Delta Plus® Eco is a specially formulated product designed to clean dried cement and lime residue from tiles and surfaces. Depending on the extent of the dried product you can use it neat or dilute with water. Apply to the area and leave for 10 minutes and wash off with clean water and a sponge, this process can be repeated as many times as you wish until you get the result you want. It is essentially a corrosive liquid, so it is important to protect yourself by wearing gloves and a mask.