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Mosaics are perfect for use on large areas of wall, shaped and curved surfaces and smaller areas within the home, like a kitchen splashback or bathroom borders to add a bit of colour and glamour. They’re a popular choice as they are such a versatile product, especially when used within showers and bathrooms and we stock a variety of mosaic at Rees Tiles and Flooring for this very reason. Mosaics come in a variety of thicknesses too. The thinner mosaics can be used for full walls and this keeps the costs down as they are usually cheaper in price. The thicker, more commonly used ones work seamlessly against tiles as they fit perfectly between giving a flush finish and creating a stunning surface.

Quite a large amount of our collections come with co-ordinating mosaic which can be used as either a border or as a complete sheet allowing you to cover a whole area quickly. Should you wish to have a mosaic that creates more of a contrast or adds a bit of colour, we’d suggest using our glass collection. These come in all sorts of colours and sizes, great for creating an eye catching design or bringing a bit of your own personality into your project. If you want to have a mosaic that is a little more subtle or one which blends in more naturally to your chosen tiles, we have a fantastic range of natural stone mosaics in our showrooms too. There’s also mosaics that are a mixture of both glass and stone and glass and metal, all of which can be used as vertical or horizontal borders, a border panning around the whole room, a panel of mosaic or a complete feature wall…the possibilities are endless.


To make the application of mosaics easier we recommend using the mosaic mesh we stock. This mesh is self-adhesive and sticks to the reverse of the mosaic keeping all your mosaic straight and in place, ensuring a perfect, symmetrical finish.

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