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No More Ply is a tile backer board used by professional fixers nationwide for over boarding wooden floors and stud walls and is available at Rees Tiles and Flooring.

Due to the boards only being 6mm and 12mm in thickness rather than 18mm plywood (which should be used according to the British Standard) it makes it the perfect product to use when preparing a surface for tiling. When being used over a wooden floor it will not create a step into the room, eliminating any hazards and is moisture resistant so is perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

No more ply comes in easy to handle sizes that can easily fit into a car and is available to purchase by the sheet. Easily fixed using no more ply adhesive and screws allows for it to be fitted by professional fixers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

When plywood and plasterboard get wet they swell and rot, causing the tiles and grout to fail as they crack and come loose. The only solution at this point is to replace the whole lot – a costly process and not one anybody wants to experience so it’s better to do it properly in the first place with No More Ply.

10 Reasons to use No More Ply

  1. Impervious to Moisture – the perfect substrate for all tiles in bathrooms and kitchens
  2. Impact Resistant – Minimal damage during transportation, handling, storing and laying
  3. Heat Resistant – Ideal for use with under-floor heating systems
  4. Thin – Only 6mm is added to the floor height when over-boarding timber floors
  5. Easy To Handle – fits into most small cars and vans and stores flat
  6. Incombustible – Contains no asbestos and will not burn
  7. Noise Reducing and Insulating – Excellent sound proofing characteristics
  8. Easy To Cut – Most cuts can be done simply with a scoring knife or a saw for the thicker board
  9. Easy To Lay On Floors and Walls – 8 No More Ply screws per sheet and a small amount of No More Ply adhesive
  10. Very Cost Effective – Inexpensive to buy and fast to lay
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