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Nanodefense® Eco is a water-based, mineral waterproofing product. It is applied to smooth, compact and absorbent substrates before laying adhesive and tiles to ensure a completely waterproof surface. If the room is ever exposed to moisture then the benefits of a tanking system are very positive. Should you have any leaks then the area behind the tiles will be waterproofed meaning damage will be minimal, and by using Aquastop 120 tape along the joints, you will be giving yourself maximum protection. Nanodefense® Eco is blue in colour so that you can see where you have applied it to ensure there is no surface area missed. It is for internal use only, can be used for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles and is suitable for use with the following adhesives:

  • Mineral adhesives (including SAS technology)
  • Single component and two-component organic mineral adhesives
  • Cement based adhesives
  • Water dispersed adhesives
  • Reactive epoxy adhesives
  • Polyurethane two-component adhesives

Nanodefense® Eco is suitable for the following surfaces:

  • Concrete flooring
  • Compact and smooth cement based screeds
  • Prefabricated concrete and fresh concrete castings
  • Gypsum and gypsum brick walls
  • Plasterboard
  • Cement-based plasters
  • Cement-lime mortar

How to use

  1. Prepare the substrates by ensuring they’re compact, smooth, absorbent and dust, oil and grease free
  2. Open and remix the product inside the container
  3. Apply a fine, uniform film on the surface using a roller, steel spreader or brush
  4. Let the first coat dry and harden before proceeding with a second coat (takes approx. 1 hr to dry)
  5. The light blue colouring of Nanodefense® Eco allows the user to see if the application is even and uniform angles and corners must be joined using Aquastop 120 Polypropylene tape.
  6. Then you’re ready to continue the job as normal

Rees Tiles stock Nanodefense® Eco and Aquastop 120 tanking tape so you can be confident you can make your bathroom as waterproof as possible.

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