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Cement coated Tile Backer Boards are a great solution for creative interior work as it gives more flexibility for bespoke designs. People have moved away from practical designs to tailored, well-planned out spaces which they will benefit from and enjoy more. The water-repellent Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam core boards are completely waterproof and are really strong therefore are perfect for a long-lasting solution to every bathroom idea. The coated boards are resilient enough for the heaviest porcelain or natural tiles and as the surface can be directly tiled or plastered, you can add a personal touch to every bathroom. The qualities of Tile Backer Boards allow for it to be a great insulator so it can be used with underfloor heating systems such as the Devi systems we stock. It’s also very light in weight so easy to work with, can be cut by hand and there is no requirement to wear respiratory protection when working with them.

Natural Stone Carrara White Honed

Rees Tiles stock the flat 6mm and 12.5mm thickness in 1300x600mm, however we are able to order a variety of other thicknesses ranging from 4mm right up to 80mm. Contact us for details of what thickness you require for more info.

Benefits of Cement Coated Tile Backer Board

  • Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties
  • Highly Waterproof
  • Suitable for use with Electrical Underfloor Heating
  • Compression Proof
  • Easy To Work With
  • Easy To Cut
  • Low Weight and Stable
  • Suitable for Kitchens, Bathrooms and other areas of wellness
  • Perfect for building partition walls or shower cubicles
  • No need for respiratory protection when using them

We are also able to order Angled Board for corners or boxing in and Flexible Board for bending round corners – all of which can be directly covered with tiles or plaster. There is an impressive portfolio of special items from the manufacturer available to ordered too; Bath Panels, Washstands, Shelving Units, Circular Shower Enclosures and a variety of Wetroom kits, all made out of the Cement Coated Tile Backer Board meaning you can fit and tile straight onto it.

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