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DEVI Underfloor heating and DEVIreg™ Touch thermostat are the easiest to use electric heating thermostat on the market. Why install underfloor heating? To put it simply….heat rises! Radiators circulate hot air which subsequently becomes cold by the time it reaches your feet. DEVI underfloor heating distributes the heat evenly over the whole floor providing appropriately pleasant warmth for your feet, body and head. Typically, underfloor heating makes it possible to lower the average room temperature by 2ºC without affecting the degree of comfort. This means that temperature can be reduced by around 10% – which is both an economic and an environmental advantage.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

•    No more radiators – some radiators are unsightly, take up a lot of space and can be expensive to maintain, removing them means you have more space to work with
•    Quicker heating up times – much faster than traditional water-based floor heating systems that take approximately 4 hours to get to maximum
•    Improved hygiene – underfloor heating dries wet floors quickly, making cleaning faster and reduces moisture content in your home
•    Even heat distribution – warmth spread over the entire floor area resulting in over half the heat being emitted as low-temperature radiant heat
•    Controlled areas – each thermostat can be programmed when you want to heat at what times of the day so no heating the whole of your house at once like with a boiler

DEVI Underfloor Heating Looselay
DEVI Underfloor Heating Matt

The DEVImat™ DTIF is only between 3mm and 4mm thick depending on type, therefore it can easily be fitted directly on to your existing floor, whether it is concrete or timber, without needing to cut up the existing floor construction. The DEVImat™ DTIF is installed within the thickness of the tile adhesives so adds no significant height to the floor level. Consequently, there should be no need to reduce door heights, raise skirting boards etc. You should always check if there is any insulation already in place, if there is not then insulation boards should be fitted prior to the heat mat to reduce downward heat loss and increasing heat up time. DEVI underfloor heating is suitable for any room in your home. DEVIcomfort™ Loose Lay Cable is ideal for smaller areas where flexibility is required.

DEVImat™The DEVIreg™ Touch is a small, discreet, touch screen programmable controller.
•    Timer Set Up
•    Flexible Day and Time Patterns
•    Away Settings
•    19 Different Languages
•    Easy to use
•    5 Year Warranty

DEVI Warranties

As well as a 5 year warranty on the DEVIreg™ Touch, DEVI offers the best warranties currently on the market for all their other products. Not only do they offer 20 years for the DEVImat™ DTIF, they guarantee the whole floor, including the sub-floor, tiles and cost of doing it. This is a greater guarantee than any other being offered from other Underfloor Heating providers.

You can try the DEVIreg™ Touch out online here or download the DEVIreg Touch App on your iPhone from the App Store. Rees Tiles are an approved supplier of DEVI underfloor heating products.

DEVI Underfloor Heating Thermostat