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Our Patterned Tile Collection

If you are looking for feature floor tiles then Rees Tiles have a great selection of patterned tiles which are perfect for creating eye catching spaces, a really popular trend that has made its way over from the continent in recent years. Anything from subtle patchwork patterning right to the bold, in-your-face bright colours and encaustic effect and now the tiles are getting bigger too. These bold, contemporary tiles are perfect for modern day, open plan living yet wouldn’t look out of place in a period home due to their ornate patterns.

Recreating Victorian flooring is also very popular now as period features are considered an asset to a building. Traditionally Victorian floors are made up of lots of small tiles of a variety of shapes and colours. Rees Tiles can supply Traditional Victorian flooring which you can create different patterns to give the effect of the original flooring that was once there. The piece by piece method is quite a costly one and looks fantastic when it’s done, but it’s a more expensive flooring choice.

There are now alternatives to recreating the original flooring in the form of smaller, traditionally patterned tiles which lend themselves to period homes fantastically. Tiles that features geometric shapes, monochrome patterns and encaustic designs inspired by nature to name a few all wouldn’t look out of place in a Period home. Rees Tiles selection of patterned flooring range from 20x20cm right up to 60x60cm, as well as the individual, small Victorian pieces. There are also rectangular patterned tiles if square isn’t what you’re looking for.

We have a variety of pattered tiles on show in both our Heversham and Lancaster Showrooms for you to view the different colours, patterns and styles we stock. These are available to borrow as samples to see if they work in the intended space at no additional cost. Rees Tiles believe there’s nothing better than seeing how a tile looks in your own home before you make your decision.