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Our Stone Effect Tile Collection

Stone effect tiles are extremly popular as unlike real stone they require very little maintenance. Tiles nowadays are generally made from porcelain which is a very dense clay. Porcelain doesn’t require sealing, unlike natual stone, so the only maintenence with a stone effect floor tile is just general cleaning.

Stone effect tiles come in a range of different designs and colours intended to replicate every different type of stone, these stone effect tiles also come in a range of different sizes which can then be used on both walls and floors. Whether your looking for a stunning slate effect kitchen floor or a spa type flle limestone effect bathroom stone effect tiles give that natural look without all the issues associated with natural stone.

There are many ranges that replicate natural stone so slate, limestone and granite effect floor tiles, these are very popular because tiles absorb very little water they don’t stain and mark like natural stone so there is no need to seal them which means there is less maintenance. If you are looking for a vintage look then we have a range of floor tiles which look like they have been down for years, these tiles often are patterned but have a worn look to them. If you are looking for a more minimal contemporary look then we have a great range of tiles which come in a range of different shades with very little pattern to them to give a real modern look.

When looking for stone effect floor tiles you also need to consider the finish you want. There are four different finishes available;

Matt tiles – not shiny but smooth to touch
Polished tiles – high gloss which gives a modern look
Laparto tiles – between a matt finish and a polished finish but not high gloss. This effect is less slippy than a full polished finish but still has a slight shine
Textured tiles – rougher to touch, generally used is areas where there is more chance of slipping so are idea for use on flooring that might get wet, outside spaces or round swimming pools.

We have a variety of stone effect tiles on show in both our Heversham and Lancaster Showrooms for you to view the different colours, tones and textures available. These range from standard sizes of 30x60cm and 60x60cm right up to 120x120cm.