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Our Wood Effect Tile Collection

Rees Tiles also stock a large range of wood effect floor tiles – a style of floor tile that has become really popular over the last few years. An increasing amount of both household and commercial properties are now opting to use Wood Effect tiles because they’re so adaptable to any area and there are so many different designs to choose from. There are tiles that look so much like real wood people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference side by side! The advances in tile technology over the last few years mean it’s easier to produce tiles with all sorts of designs, textures and sizing formats, some of which where you don’t get any repeat pattern in over 50 planks, meaning the popularity has soared, especially with the production of large planks which come in 20x120cm and 20x180cm.

Two main advantages of using tiles over natural wood are durability of the product and suitability to the setting. Real wood can become damaged, scratched and scuffed, it can ben sanded down and re-oiled but this can only be done so many times. With Wood Effect tiles you remove this problem straight away, you simply fit and you’re done. Wood Effect tiles are suitable in wet areas too, which real wood is not. Wood absorbs water and then swells; therefore it isn’t the best product to use in areas where water is present such as kitchens and bathrooms. This is where tiles come into their own, water has no effect to tiles which mean any water that is spilled onto tiles can be just mopped up knowing that no damage will be done. Another bonus is that with tiles you can feel safe in knowledge that if they are fitted correctly they will look as good as the day they were fitted for many years to come.

Wood effect tiles are also being used in all sorts of creative ways, you’re not stuck to just having them on the floor. They’re ideal for anyone who wants to create feature walls teamed with stone effect tiles making a perfect contrast in colours, textures and what look like materials. They’re also a fantastic alternative to stone effect for making a Spa style bathroom space as they have a natural warmth to them with the wood elements.