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LTP Grimex

Grimex is a heavy duty, intensive cleaner perfect for removing tough stains. It is strong enough to tackle the likes of oil, grease, ingrained dirt and grime and is a really handy product for restoring old tiles and floors too. Grimex can also successfully remove the build-up of old wax layers on natural stone and tiles and is ideal for general stone care and maintenance. It’s suitable for use on flooring both indoors and outdoors, whether its natural stones such as travertine, limestone and slate, indoor porcelain or ceramic tiles, or external paving and driveways. An absolute must product if you’ve got stubborn stains you want to tackle.

It's worth noting, as with all intensive cleaning products, it is always best to test the solution on a small, discreet area before applying to a large area. Any alkalinity remaining on the surface prior to treatment needs to be wiped clean with water and a sponge.

Grimex Technical Data Sheet

LTP Grimex

We have a great relationship with LTP, a supplier of cleaning and sealing products for tiles and natural stone, and we stock a variety of products in our showrooms. LTP were established nearly 20 years ago and has grown dramatically over the years, however remains a small, customer focused business. Now they create a plethora of products that are perfect for the sealing, cleaning and maintenance for the tile and stone market. We have been wowed by the ability these products offer and believe they are a great and essential set of items for any household.

 The LTP Products we are now holding in stock at both Showrooms are:

  •  Black Spot & Algae Remover 5L
  • Cement, Grout & Salt Residue Remover 1L
  • Colour Intensifier 1L
  • External Stone Sealer 1L
  • Grimex 1L
  • Grout Stain Remover 1L
  • Matt Stone H20 1L
  • Mould Spray 500ml
  • Porcelain Tile Cleaner 1L
  • Porcelain Tile Protector 1L
  • Power Stripper 1L